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Translation & Transcreation

Copywriting & Copyediting

Why me, you ask?

I could tell you I love to write and translate.

I could tell you that my words can help you achieve your aims, whatever they are.

I could tell you that my texts combine passion 
with a young free spirit, and that I also have years of practice, thorough theoretical knowledge and a quick creative mind to throw to the mix.

I could tell you all that.

But that would be barely covering it.

See what my clients are saying

It is possible they don't like me. Check to make sure though!

Ester Demjanová - SlovoSvet

I have 7 years of experience in interpreting and translation. I have studied the field and know all the ins and outs of the industry. You don’t need somebody making rookie mistakes in your marketing translation. You need someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

I have a Master’s degree in translation and interpreting and I am getting a PhD in British and American studies. With me, you’ll have all the years of research and academia working for you!

Texts are culturally specific and written with an audience in mind. One cannot translate a text word-for-word. You may think this is sort of a given in translation but, unfortunately, it is not. Next time when someone tells you it’s “raining like from a watering can” or a similar nonsense, think of me.

I never take a project on unless I am thoroughly informed about it and 100% sure I can deliver. 

I am a real person. Your business is handled with a personal approach by a real person with real experience and with a feel for what the target audience would like to hear. There are no middle men to make the rates sky-high.

Unless specified differently by you or stated in the confidentiality agreement, all my translations are read by another professional (not to be confused with proofreading). This means the text is refined and tailored to sound a-m-a-z-i-n-g to whomever who will read it not only by me but by another human being (and a quite skilled one at that) as well.


Ester combines her in-depth subject knowledge with an expertise and creativity to deliver original and high quality final product. Highly recommended.
Herts EEG Biofeedback
Zuzana Radacovska
Ester's a trustworthy, reliable and detail-orientated partner in producing considered, creative translations
Jordan Woolley
Ester is an expert as well as an artist. She has a feel for all the different shades of a language, talent, professional training and last but not least, a great amount of experience. She is understanding towards the client’s needs and puts quality first.
Fest Anča International Animation Festival
Barbora Ďurčová
With Ester you are in for a:
1. Professional and erudite approach
2. Scientific expertise
3. High quality
4. Transparent communication
Andrea Klimková
Ethics University Teacher
Quick, personal and tailor-made. Flawless work.
Lukáš Kavina
I have never seen this level of preparation in working with six hundred interpreters in nineteen countries.
Erik Vos
Erik Vos International
A copywriter who knows her craft.
Dobrý web
Tomáš Pospíšil
If you're looking for an excellent translator and copywriter, you've found her. Not only a hardworking professional, but also a supportive colleague and fantastic mother - that's Ester from SlovoSvet.
Lukáš Lukačín
Professionalism, high-quality, reliability.
Daniela Rajtmajerová
Online marketing specialist

Main Areas of Expertise = Ester's specialty

Transcreation & Adaptation



Teaching & Pedagogy

Literary translation

Audiovisual translation


Children & Parenting

Animals & Nature

Have a different project? No worries! Contact me and we can surely work it out. I also cooperate with a number of great translators specializing in plenty other areas and have no trouble referring you to them if need be.


VAT ID: SK1080704460

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Ester Demjanová – SlovoSvet
Clementisova 5
040 22 Košice

About me

I am a professional translator, copywriter and interpreter in my middle 20s with 7 years of experience.

I am young, experienced, professional and an expert in what I do. Despite my constant need to be grammatically correct, I also have a whole creative side to me, which comes in handy when searching for the best words to suit my client’s needs.

I am also getting a PhD in my beloved field and I teach translation and interpreting courses at a university level.

Not to forget, I am already a mum. And you know that’s a plus because mums just know how to get stuff done while making everybody happy.